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Staying Connected Amid COVID-19

Jul 7, 2020
Crisis response is not a new concept for community banks that have weathered economic recessions, natural and man-made disasters, and previous pandemics—all of which presented unique challenges that tested the industry’s resiliency and provided valuable lessons

SBA releases loan-level PPP data

Jul 6, 2020
The SBA and Treasury Department just publicly released loan-by-loan information about Paycheck Protection Program loans, as they said they would on June 19.

Mapping out career paths

Jul 2, 2020
Given today’s competitive labor market and rising employee expectations, finding the right talent for your bank can be challenging. So, why not look internally and focus on the human capital that you already have?

Community Banks Respond to Americans’ Needs

Jun 24, 2020
While we have never before experienced anything quite like COVID-19, we can identify a bright spot: community banks rising to serve the needs of their communities.

Community Banks Continue to Respond to Small Business Needs

Jun 22, 2020
Literally overnight — the night of March 26 — community banks answered the call to support small businesses fighting to survive COVID-19. In that one day, 3,700 institutions became new Small Business Administration lenders to support the Paycheck Protection Program.

Short, Sharp, and Spotty: What to Expect from the Coronavirus Recession and How Community Banks Can Help

Jun 22, 2020
With irrefutable evidence that the United States is in a recession, zealous market watchers are now searching for clues as to its size and scope. At ICBA, we took the liberty of crunching the numbers in search of some answers, and our conclusions point to a short, sharp, and spotty recession.

Digital Payment Apps - An Overview

Jun 12, 2020
As ICBA’s Executive Brief on digital wallets demonstrated, consumer use of digital payments technology is increasing due to the convenience and speed these options offers. The same rings true when exploring digital payments apps.

Tell Congress & regulators to wake up

Jun 8, 2020
As we continue our relentless focus on customers in need, we must not let our guard down in continuing to urge Congress, the agencies, and the public to “wake up” to an overly-opportunistic credit union industry.

ICBA Strengthens Commitment to Community Bank Innovation

Jun 8, 2020
Innovators see the world not as it is today but how it can be, which is why ICBA has pledged a three-year commitment to its ThinkTECH Accelerator program--to help community banks foster innovation and address their customers' evolving payment needs.

PPP Successes: Fintech Partnerships that Work

Jun 5, 2020
Launching a new lending initiative during a pandemic was a challenge in itself, but add in closed branches, remote customers, and government provisions, and community banks faced a trifecta of issues in entering this brave new world of lending.