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Three Reasons First-Time Registrations are Spiking for ICBA LIVE 2022

Jan 21, 2022
With time ticking down until ICBA LIVE, schedules are solidifying, speeches are taking shape, details are firming up, and hotel rooms are filling up (not to worry, we just added more, but space is limited, so book now). The energy and momentum around coming together in San Antonio February 27 – March 3 is palpable.

Checklist: Questions to Ask When Integrating with Fintechs

Jan 4, 2022
As more community banks engage with fintechs to support their business plans, due diligence continues to become an even bigger piece of the puzzle. While every bank is different there are several questions every community bank should consider as they enter into these agreements.

Why Core Providers Attend the ThinkTECH Accelerator—And Why It Matters

Jan 4, 2022
The third quarter of 2021 yielded the second-highest quarter on record for fintech financing, up 147% over the previous year. Despite this growth, a recent analysis by EY research of 45 banks working with fintechs revealed only one-quarter had deep engagement due to “barriers to collaboration.”

Is Your Community Bank Watching Social Payments? Five Questions to Guide Your Path Forward

Dec 14, 2021
The average person spends nearly two and a half hours on social media per day, so it’s no wonder social payments have started to infiltrate the financial services industry.

Putting Innovation to Work in Community Development

Dec 13, 2021
While all community banks place a firm focus on serving, when you are a CDFI, serving is at the very core of your business identity. Couple that with an increased desire to think creatively, and what you get is a new recipe for innovation.

2021: The Year of Community Bank Innovation—with More to Come

Dec 9, 2021
In the innovation world, 2021 may go down in history as the year of community bank innovation. Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and associated challenges thrown in our path, community banks continued to meet their customers’ needs.

How and Why We’re Updating Our Twitter Strategy to Better Serve Members

Nov 24, 2021
For more than 90 years, ICBA has provided value to our membership in a wide variety of ways and places. Today, we are refocusing efforts to better serve our members on Twitter.

Seven Myths About Central Bank Digital Currencies

Nov 19, 2021
Separating fact from fiction on central bank digital currencies and a possible U.S. digital dollar can be challenging. In the latest edition of our Digital Dollar Digest series, ICBA is here to help dispel any misconceptions and debunk the most common myths.

4 Ways Community Banks Can Attract Gen Z Customers

Nov 16, 2021
With the eldest members of Gen Z clocking in at age 24, they represent a market ripe for targeting with banking services. But what they are looking for differs from what Millennials and Gen X required of community banks at the same age.

The Challenges and Risks of Smart Contracts

Nov 12, 2021
Smart contracts — blockchain-based programs that operate when predetermined conditions are met — offer potential use cases as well as risks for community banks evaluating their payments processing capabilities