AI is a new cybersecurity risk: Learn how to help protect your organization

Dec 15, 2023
Artificial intelligence (AI) has come a long way, advancing from single-use tools to sophisticated systems that can analyze mountains of data and even drive cars (albeit with some drawbacks). As AI continues to expand and be used in more organizations and more applications, remember the associated risks, and need for guardrails.

ICBA: Accelerating Community Bank Innovation

Dec 6, 2023
This time of year, we often take stock of our accomplishments and look ahead to the possibilities and opportunities awaiting us in the coming year. Certainly, when it comes to blazing ICBA’s innovation path for community bankers, we’ve upped the ante significantly in 2023.

Connect With Your Fellow Community Bankers — with Leah Brink

Dec 5, 2023
Connection is at the heart of what community bankers do. That’s one of the reasons that the social networking platform ICBA Community was created. And it’s not only creating online connections, it’s helping bankers build relationships with each other outside of the forum.

Home Mortgage Lending: Housing Affordability Mindset and Relationship-Focused Service Set Community Banks Apart

Nov 29, 2023
As interest rates and property asking prices continue to rise, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for young adults and growing families to afford a home. Recently, the average interest rate for a 30-year fixed mortgage topped 8%—the highest since 2000.

Online Training Newsletter – November 2023

Nov 21, 2023
Did You Know? We value your input on course content? We’ve already begun updating course content for 2024 and now is a great time to share your wish list items for content updates, new course topics, or improvements.

Beyond Cards: ICBA Payments Launches to Help Community Banks Meet Their “Why”

Nov 14, 2023
As payments has evolved, so has ICBA Bancard, and with that came the opportunity to rebrand who we are in light of our why. I’m proud to introduce ICBA Payments.

Unlocking Potential: Community Banker University is now ICBA Education

Nov 6, 2023
As ICBA and our industry continues to differentiate and evolve, we are excited to announce the next stage of our journey as we rebrand from Community Banker University to ICBA Education.

Why Shifts in Payments Behavior Are Driving Community Bank Innovation

Nov 3, 2023
We have been experiencing an acceleration in innovation since the start of the pandemic. MuleSoft reported that in 2022, 72 percent of customer interactions occurred over digital channels—nearly double that of 2021—proof that we are living the digital-first experience.

Why Cybercrime is on the Rise — with James Anderson and Robert Johnston

Nov 1, 2023
With hundreds of millions of cyberattacks happening each year, it’s critical for community banks to fortify their cybersecurity operations.

ICBA’s Rebrand: Writing the Next Chapter for Community Banking

Nov 1, 2023
Our mission is central to everything we do, and the pride that comes from that every day is nothing short of inspiring. Much like the community banks we serve, ICBA is continuously evolving, growing, and building momentum.