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Main Street Victory on Faster Payments

Aug 5, 2019
After years of ICBA-led advocacy on behalf of a real-time payments system that ensures access and choice for community banks, the Federal Reserve has announced that it will build a real-time gross settlement service.

Battling Synthetic Identity Fraud

Jul 30, 2019
ICBA's Jeremy Dalpiaz discusses the fastest-growing type of financial crime in the U.S.—synthetic identity fraud—and offers tips to help community banks fight back.

How the Fed Can Stop a Megabank Monopoly

Jul 25, 2019
A Fed-operated real-time settlement system is needed to ensure universal access and to promote future payments innovations.

Community Banks Are Standing Up for Rural America

Jul 22, 2019
The nation's community banks are bolstering their farm lending—demonstrating once again why policymakers should work to strengthen community banks, which stick with their customers and communities in good times and bad.

With Volcker Rule Exemption, S. 2155 Relief Continues

Jul 12, 2019
As advocated by ICBA since the Volcker Rule was first proposed a decade ago, this additional source of regulatory burden no longer applies to the vast majority of community banks.

Six Essential Questions for Evaluating Bank Innovation

Jul 11, 2019
ICBA's Kevin Tweddle suggests critical questions bankers should ask when developing their innovation strategy.

Community Banks: Independent and Resilient

Jul 3, 2019
As we celebrate our nation’s founding, let's remember the independent spirit that birthed our country and continues among thousands of independently owned and operated community banks.

Taking on Credit Union Poaching

Jun 20, 2019
ICBA and community bankers are speaking out about a disturbing trend that should unsettle all taxpayers: large credit unions buying up smaller community banks.

The Federal Reserve’s Essential Role in Faster Payments

Jun 14, 2019
ICBA's Cary Whaley explains why the Federal Reserve must play a leadership role in faster payments to ensure safety, integrity, continuity and equitable access for all financial institutions.

Winning the Tug-of-War Between Innovation and Regulation

Jun 13, 2019
ICBA's Kevin Tweddle discusses the push and pull between fintech innovation and regulation in today's dynamic and technology-centric world.