About the Federal Delegate Board

FDB Purpose

The Association shall maintain the Federal Delegate Board to evaluate and address federal legislation, regulations, court rulings, tax, agriculture/rural and lending issues. The Federal Delegate Board shall recommend legislative and regulatory policy positions to the ICBA Executive Committee and Board of Directors.

The Federal Delegate Board shall have subcommittees appointed by the ICBA Chairman in consultation with the Federal Delegate Board Chairman, when appropriate, to review and address the current conditions of our advocacy issues.

Subcommittees shall address issues germane to the subject matter of their mission and subcommittee chairmen will forward any recommendations to the chairman of the Federal Delegate Board for consideration.

2023 Meeting Dates

The FDB meets twice a year, once during the ICBA Capital Summit in April or May and during the ICBA Fall Leadership Meetings in October. Official meeting notification is sent out several months in advance.

ICBA Capital Summit
Date to be determined
Washington, D.C.

ICBA Fall Leadership Meetings
Date and location to be determined