2024 Federal Delegate Board Elections

Board Term March 2024 to March 2027

Thank you for your interest in running for state delegate on the ICBA Federal Delegate Board. The community banker elected to serve will take office immediately upon election, and will represent your state or district through the end of the ICBA convention in March 2027. Delegate terms are three years and elected state delegates may serve two consecutive terms.

To become a candidate you will need to complete the Federal Delegate Board Nominating Petition Form and have an Executive Officer from three separate ICBA Active Member banks from your state or district support your candidacy. The deadline to submit the nominating petition form and the three emails from bankers supporting your candidacy is March 20.

For more detailed information and eligibility requirements, visit the Election Information and Services page.

Direct any questions that you may have regarding the Federal Delegate Board to Kianga Lee at [email protected].

Election Information and Services