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The Independent Community Bankers of America and the nation's community banks are calling on policymakers and the public to “Wake Up” to the risky practices, costly tax subsidies, and irresponsibly lax oversight of the nation’s credit unions.

Learn how the tax-exempt status of credit unions affects your state with our state-by-reports and gain key messaging guidance through the Wake Up Messaging Playbook.

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How Credit Union's Tax-Exempt Status Affects Your State

These state-by-state reports show how credit unions have exceeded their original mandate and how that unchecked growth has negatively affected local communities across every state.

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Credit unions in your state used their tax exemption to avoid paying   in federal income taxes.

In 2023, credit unions across your state held a grand total of   in tax-free assets.

In your state credit unions paid $0 in federal income tax. Meanwhile,

  • Nurses actually paid

  • Cashiers paid:

  • Teachers* paid:

*Data includes only elementary school teachers

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Wake Up Messaging Playbook

Wake Up Messaging Playbook

Find out how community bankers can more effectively advocate for a level tax and regulatory playing field between tax-exempt credit unions and the community banking industry. Access your playbook today. You must be a member to access this content.

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