National Campaign Videos Connect with Target Audience

Video assets were one of the most significant production investments ICBA made for the ICBA National Campaign — an effort to elevate community banking in the hearts and minds of America’s consumers.

These videos were created to reach our target audience of community-minded millennials via connected TV (CTV) and YouTube pre-roll. The videos were initially developed and tested in our three pilot markets in 2022, (Albany, NY, Dayton, OH, and Greenville, SC) and were built around the same foundational research that helped define our target audience and our core messages about supporting local businesses.

After running the ads in the test markets, the results showed the story we were hoping to hear: our target audience played back the messages we provided almost verbatim, and we saw a clear connection between campaign awareness and interest in community banking. In short, consumers connected, messages were memorable, and we moved our target audience favorably towards community banking.

Which one is your favorite?

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