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A strong farm bill provides stability for the volatile farm sector and incorporates important policies, such as price-support programs, crop insurance and loan guarantee programs.

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ICBA calls on administration to protect crop insurance

Jan. 24, 2024

ICBA and other groups called on the Biden administration to protect crop insurance from harmful cuts as it develops its budget proposal for fiscal 2025.

Joint Letter: In a joint letter to the USDA and the Office of Management and Budget, the groups said the fiscal 2024 budget wisely did not make cuts to the federal crop insurance program. Noting the USDA and Congress have taken extraordinary ad hoc measures in recent years to ensure the financial security of rural America, they said harmful changes to crop insurance would undercut these efforts.

More: Maintaining a strong crop insurance program is also a key principle of ICBA advocacy on the pending farm bill, as lawmakers continue to debate a five-year reauthorization.