The International Organization of Securities Commissions said it plans to build on its proposals on crypto markets and decentralized finance in the coming year.

Details: In its 2024-2025 Workplan, IOSCO announced plans to:

  • Create a report on the current crypto regulatory environment across IOSCO’s membership.

  • Use the report to develop a full assessment of its final crypto market policy recommendations.

  • Research tokenization in the securities market via its Fintech Task Force.

Tokenization Project: The plans follow a recent announcement that the Bank for International Settlements, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and other central banks are conducting a project to explore integrating tokenized bank deposits with tokenized wholesale central bank money.

ICBA View: ICBA supports global efforts to advance international cryptoasset regulation, including IOSCO’s baseline policy recommendations. It also has repeatedly expressed opposition to the creation of a U.S. CBDC, recently requesting from U.S. agencies federal records on whether legislative changes are required to issue a U.S. CBDC.