VeraBank, a community bank headquartered in Henderson, TX, partnered with nCino to modernize lending processes and streamline employee and customer experiences.

The Bank has taken a full-platform approach as it continues to focus efforts on partnering with technology vendors like nCino to bring quality of service to customers and employees, while having a mindset aimed at growth and stability for the future.

Since 1930, VeraBank has grown to over 500 employees and 40 locations. VeraBank’s mission aims to grow the Bank and to serve as deeply as they can the communities in which they do business. “We want to continue to be known for quality of service and innovation,” says Brad Tidwell, President and CEO at VeraBank. To support this mission and vision, the Bank partnered with nCino to in Spring of 2021 to overhaul lending processes and streamline the employee and customer experience.

Taking a full platform approach, VeraBank has implemented multiple nCino solutions including Commercial Banking, Retail Banking, Deposit Account Opening and Portfolio Analytics. Strong executive sponsorship and a unified front from the leadership team allowed VeraBank to make continued progress without competing priorities and see true business value. “By partnering with nCino, we are able to open accounts online—more efficiently, faster and better than our competitors—and that is value added to us as a bank,” says Tidwell.

Since implementing nCino in its lending and account opening operations, VeraBank has achieved the following results:

  • A More Efficient, Structured Workflow: nCino’s seamless, end-to-end workflows enable more efficient, streamlined lending and account opening processes, with less time spent shuffling paper and fewer opportunities for error.
  • A Better Customer Experience: With nCino, VeraBank is providing borrowers with a better, more frictionless experience, allowing them to get the funding they need faster and helping to enhance the Bank’s reputation in the community.
  • Faster Time to Value: Through nCino’s streamlined process, built-in reporting and accessible dashboard views, VeraBank is able to serve its customers faster and more efficiently, ensuring it achieves accelerated ROI on every deal.
  • An Enhanced Employee Experience: By having all process steps and workflows contained within a single, easy-to-use platform, nCino enables VeraBank’s team to focus on mastering one system, while saving time previously spent logging in and out of multiple technology solutions to service a single customer.
  • Supports Innovation and Growth: As a fast-growing banking institution, innovation is a key area of differentiation for VeraBank. nCino helps the Bank stay one step ahead of the competition.

Based on its success using with nCino, the Bank was the winner of nCino’s coveted 2023 Financial Services Impact Awards in the Speed category.

“What's important for technology vendors is not to evaluate your needs today, but to predict where you're going to be in five years,” Nix says. “We know in five years, nCino's going to be at the forefront of lending and we'll be right there with them.”