The FDIC, Federal Reserve, and OCC released an interagency proposed rule to strengthen capital standards on the largest banks and explicitly said they would not apply to community banks.

Proposal Rule: The proposal targets institutions with at least $100 billion in assets to implement the Basel III Endgame capital regime. It would revise the measurement of risk-weighted assets and the definition of regulatory capital.

ICBA Advocacy: ICBA has called on policymakers to ensure the new rules do not affect community banks and this month commended Fed Vice Chair for Supervision Michael Barr for saying new capital and debt requirements should apply to banks over $100 billion or more in assets.

Resources: The ICBA National Campaign—a national public awareness campaign that launched in March to elevate community banks among consumers—has supported ICBA’s efforts to differentiate community banks from larger institutions in the wake of this year’s large bank failures.