The Small Business Administration said its Paycheck Protection Program platform can now accept borrower requests to review lenders’ partial forgiveness decisions.

Review Policy: Under a procedural notice issued earlier this year:

  • When a lender receives a forgiveness remittance from SBA on a PPP loan for which only a portion was forgiven, the lender must inform the borrower that it has 30 calendar days to seek an SBA loan review of the lender’s partial approval decision.

  • Lenders were required by Feb. 26 to notify all borrowers with loans that received a partial forgiveness decision that they have 30 days to seek the review through their lender.

  • SBA retains discretion to accept or deny the borrower’s request to review the loan.

  • If SBA selects the loan for review, the loan is not deferred and the borrower must continue to make payments on the remaining balance of the loan.