Episode 19

How to Use AI at Your Community Bank — with Jackie Verkuyl and Slaven Bilac

AI technology is growing exponentially. While it can bring many advantages to community banks, some bankers may have concerns about possible security issues. So, why take the risk if your bank is performing well?

BAC Community Bank in Stockton, Calif., which worked AI-specialist fintech Agent IQ, was able to develop a thorough understanding of the technology and create better systems that benefited both staff and customers.

“We weren't really trying to solve a problem,” says Jackie Verkuyl, EVP/CFO of BAC Community Bank. “But it gave us this opportunity—that we could have better communication, a better tool, a better process for working with our existing customers.”

Dipping your toe into using new AI tools at your community bank can be daunting. But as AI technology develops, so do opportunities for banks to use it to help their staff and customers. Verkuyl and Agent IQ’s CEO and president, Slaven Bilac, speak with Charles Potts about how they work together and what new developments in AI mean for community banks.

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  • Look out for the November issue of Independent Banker for information from practitioners on AI’s potential in banking on independentbaker.org

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