How to Budget for Innovation — with Alice Frazier and Kim Snyder

“I think when you’re looking to buy any kind of a product, a data product,” says Kim Snyder, CEO of the fintech KlariVis, “you need to make sure that the vendor that you’re purchasing it from understands your industry and understands how that technology is going to be utilized in your industry.”

Finding the right fintech for your community bank takes time, but Snyder and Alice Frazier, president and CEO of Bank of Charles Town, worked to create a partnership that has proved invaluable for both parties.

Our two guests join Charles Potts to talk about the importance of budgeting for innovation, tips for doing so, and why innovation doesn’t always mean technology.

This episode is sponsored by FIS.


  • You can see how three CFOs are planning innovation for their community banks in the August issue of Independent Banker.

  • ICBA’s ThinkTECH Accelerator can help you find and connect with fintechs to utilize new technology within your own community bank.