Six Steps to Your Bank’s Digital Payments Transformation

Nov 18, 2022
Digital transformation is the 2022 payments phrase of year. You can’t attend a meeting without hearing about its importance in the financial services landscape, and when you consider that nearly nine in ten Americans are now using some form of digital payments, you understand why it needs to be a top priority.

ICBA's Reimagined ThinkTECH Accelerator to Support Year-Round Programming

Oct 26, 2022
Bob Dylan once said, “There is nothing so stable as change,” and I have found that to be true, particularly as we look to embrace modern technologies and the companies that enable them.

Why Instant Payments Should Be on Your Digital Transformation Road Map

Oct 25, 2022
Even if you aren’t hearing the words “faster payments” or “instant payments” directly from your customers, trends and research show the demand is there – and rising. Recent Federal Reserve surveys reveal growing interest in faster payments