Online Training Newsletter – December 2023

Dec. 18, 2023

Important Information

As you prepare your 2024 training calendar, keep these best practices in mind for a successful online training experience.

  1. Look at long-term value, not short-term compliance – Training makes higher-performing teams more productive and generate increased revenue. It also saves costs by retaining employees and building knowledge and skills across your workforce.

  1. Commit to training – If leaders aren’t excited about training or fail to lead communication around its implementation, staff won’t see how it can benefit them and the company.

  1. Use employee time wisely – The majority of ICBA Education’s Online Courses are less than 30 minutes long. This makes training less daunting and won’t detract from staff productivity. We’re excited to announce that even shorter “micro-learning” courses are coming in 2024.

  1. Create engagement around training – Invite employees to share at team meetings about recent training they have completed.

  1. Measure success with tracking – Besides looking at completion reports, measure key performance indicators that show the effect training has on productivity and engagement.

  1. Offer professional development courses – Don’t just assign the regulatory required training, but also power skills courses to boost your staff’s professional growth.

What’s New

  • On Oct. 18, the course “Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) was updated with the new insurance coverage rules related to Trust Accounts Within the course and in the last newsletter it was stated the effective date is Jan. 1, 2024. This date is not correct, and the course has been corrected. The correct effective date is April 1, 2024. If you had anyone take the course between Oct.18 and Nov. 14, please let them know of the appropriate effective date. We apologize for the error.

What’s Coming

  • Updated Cyber & Information Security courses – changes will be made Jan. 2, 2024, so that those assigned the course in 2023 will not get the same info if assigned again in 2024.

  • Five new courses will be developed regarding the Community Reinvestment Act Modernization Final Rule. These new courses will launch late in the first quarter of 2024. Titles include:

  • Regulation BB: CRA for Small Banks

  • Regulation BB: CRA for Intermediate Small Banks

  • Regulation BB: CRA for Large Banks

  • Regulation BB: CRA Overview

  • Regulation BB: CRA for Sr. Management & Directors

Did You Know?

Did You Know that the Online Course Learning Management System doesn't allow you to enroll in the same course twice? If you assign it again before it's finished, the system keeps the original date. It won't show a message about the duplicate.

To keep things tidy, run the "Activity Report for All Courses Excluding BDOT" with no dates. Check for uncompleted courses assigned earlier than the current training period and remove them before assigning new courses. NOTE: We are working with our programmers to try and add an alert to the system for duplicates.