Online Training Newsletter – January 2023

Jan. 30, 2023


Remember, your board of directors need annual training on the same regulations that all bank employees must receive training on, including Fair Lending. How do you train your directors each year?

Have you assigned them the same courses as the rest of your employees through the Online Education Center? Perhaps, your bank subscribes to ICBA’s Bank Director Program, and you assign its online courses that were created especially for bank directors. Whatever you do, make sure that your bank is providing training at least annually to keep your directors abreast of current regulations and trends. If you need assistance training your board, we can provide guidance and are always here to help!

What’s New

On Jan. 18, 2023, the new course CAN-SPAM Act was added to the course catalog. 

Note to Premium Plan Subscribers: New courses are not automatically placed into your catalog of courses so that you can organize the course catalogs based on your needs. For instance, the bank’s LMS administrator can modify catalog names, add or remove catalogs, and fully control which courses are displayed within each catalog. To help with this process, we have included instructions on adding a course into a catalog of your choice. If you have any questions, reach out to Vubiz for technical assistance.

What’s Coming

We are working on a new Corporate Secretary Training course and a Regulation U course.

Did You Know?

Did you know that we have annual required training courses grouped together so you can assign four or five courses all at once? We’ve taken individual courses that will satisfy federal annual training requirements and grouped them together into one course title.

You will find these “bundles” in the Course Catalog titled “Regulatory Required Course Bundles”. There are bundles for 12 different job functions within the bank. Click on the “See More” button next to a job function to see which courses are included in the bundle. Then, when you assign that course e.g. “CBU Mandatory Courses – X Staff”, the employee will automatically be enrolled in all the courses in that bundle. You can also see these course bundles on our “Mandatory and Recommended Course Listing” in the Administration Tab.