Online Training Newsletter – October 2022

Oct. 18, 2022


October has been a busy month at ICBA Community Banker University, and we hope that your staff are benefiting from the additional courses we have added to the course catalog, not to mention several exciting new enhancements (See Sept. Online Training Newsletter for details).

One such enhancement is the ability to track other types of training within the Custom Plan’s Learning Management System. Custom Plan subscribers can now say goodbye to the headache of keeping multiple spreadsheets to track all staff training, inside and outside of the bank, and can also import bank policies and procedures into 60+ courses. If your bank is a Bank Compliance Bundle or Standard Plan subscriber, we believe that this feature is game changer and well worth the investment to upgrade your existing subscription.

What’s Coming

A new course titled; “Bank Bribery Act” launches early November. Be sure to click on the “What’s New” tab within the LMS periodically to see what is happening with the course catalog in real time.

We are also working on launching the following new courses between December 2022 and February 2023:

  • Homeownership Protection Act


  • Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure

Did You Know?

Did you know that employee and training records within ICBA stay with the employee forever? This means if an employee worked at another financial institution that subscribed to ICBA’s online training, they already have an ICBA account created, and their Current Enrollments and Completed Courses will appear when they log into the LMS.

Therefore, when you have a new employee, or an employee who previously worked at your bank and is returning it is important to look at their Report Card to see if they have any courses in their Current Enrollments that you need to delete, so that you can start them fresh with your bank’s training plan.

To view a Report Card, click on the Administration Tab, Select the Employee from the Administer Members section at the bottom, and click “Click Here” next to “Member Report Card”.