December 2021 - Online Training Newsletter

Dec. 20, 2021


It's the end of another calendar year! For many community banks, that means it's also the end of another training year.

Here are a few helpful tips to close out your year-end training records:

  1. Enrollment and completion reports are based on the “Enrollment Date” not by the calendar or completion date. When you pull your year-end reports for 2021, be sure to remember when your employees were enrolled in a course. You may need to go as far back to December 2020 if you had your courses for the year lined up for prior to Jan. 1, 2021.

  2. If your employees did not complete specific courses by year end and you want to enroll them in the same course for 2022, we recommend you delete current enrollments and enroll them again. This way when you pull your reports for 2022, you do not have to remember to go back to 2021 or 2020. You cannot have two of the same courses in your current enrollments.

If you have questions about reports or need assistance, contact Cathy Von Wahlde at 320-352-7337.

Special Note: When reviewing your course enrollments (or certification programs for Premium Plan subscribers) for 2022, please be aware of courses that begin with “RETIRED:”.

These courses have been replaced by newer/updated versions and should no longer be part of an employee’s Current Enrollments (or certification program). The RETIRED courses are no longer maintained. Enroll staff in the course without the word RETIRED at the beginning of the title.

What’s New

  • Three new courses were added to the full course catalog on Dec. 8, 2021. (Premium Plan Subscribers will need to add the new courses to their catalog of choice):

    • Red Flag Identity Theft: 26 Red Flags

    • Regulatory Exam Types

    • Regulatory Exam Process

  • The course Red Flags Identity Theft Prevention Programs title has been changed to Red Flag Identity Theft: The Program. This change was effective Dec. 8, 2021. When you pull your enrollment reports, you will see the new name.

The following courses were updated with fresh content:

  • Regulation D: Reserve Requirements—Dec. 2, 2021. As a reminder, this course was converted from the old version to the new version in June 2021. If you have anyone who has not completed their enrollment from 2021 and you want them to complete it in 2022, we suggest you unenroll them and re-enroll them so that they get the current version. If an employee already has a new version (enrolled 6/26/21 or after) the updates that were made on December 2 are automatic and require no action.

  • Understanding UDAAP—Dec. 6, 2021.

  • For banks that subscribe to the Principles of Banking Certificate Program, the following courses were refreshed with updated content and references on Dec.2, 2021. Courses are automatically updated upon launch, so no action is required by LMS Admins:

    • Banking Landscape

    • Banking Structure

    • Banking Finance

    • Banking Products and Services: Part I

    • Banking Products and Services: Part II

    • Safeguarding Customer Information

    • Banking Fraud

What’s Coming

  • The course Elder Financial Abuse will be updated with fresh content the beginning of January 2022.

  • We are working on new Fair Lending course options and Flood Disaster Protection Act course options for early 2022.

  • The two Home Mortgage Disclosure Act courses will be updated by January 5 to reflect the new HELOC threshold changes.

Did You Know?

Did you know that LMS Admins can reset other employees’ passwords to their ICBA Account/Online Training Center through the ICBA website Roster Management? To do this, follow the instructions on page 12 of the Administrators Guide.