October 2021 - Online Training Newsletter

Oct. 25, 2021


If, like many banks, your employee training runs from January to December, that means you only have two more months to complete the mandatory training courses that are required by specific regulations. You will want to ensure that the appropriate employees have complete training in the following areas:

  • BSA/AML (includes CIP, OFAC, 314(a), SARs, CTRs, etc.; 12 CFR 21.21(d)(4))

    • This training is required for ALL employees of the bank and should be job specific

    • Course options:

      • Bank Secrecy Act—BSA and Compliance Officers

      • Bank Secrecy Act—Customer Due Diligence and Beneficial Ownership

      • Bank Secrecy Act—Frontline and Deposit Operations

      • Bank Secrecy Act—Information Sharing

      • Bank Secrecy Act—Lenders and Loan Operations

      • Bank Secrecy Act—OFAC Compliance

      • Bank Secrecy Act—Overview for All Personnel

      • Bank Secrecy Act—Red Flags

      • Bank Secrecy Act—Reporting and Recordkeeping

      • Bank Secrecy Act—Senior Management and Directors

  • Regulation CC (12 CFR 229.19)

    • This training is required for those who take deposits, open deposit accounts, and deposit operations staff

    • Course Options:

      • Regulation CC: Funds Availability Act—In Depth

      • Regulation CC: Funds Availability Act—Overview

  • Bank Protection Act (physical bank security; 12 CFR 21.3(a)(3))

    • This training is required for ALL employees of the bank

    • Course options (review catalog descriptions prior to assigning as some courses are tailored to specific job responsibilities):

      • How to Respond to an Active Shooter

      • Physical Information Security

      • Robbery Prevention Techniques for Security Officers, Executives, and Managers

      • Robbery Response and Aftermath Techniques

      • Robbery Response Techniques for All Personnel

      • Security: An Orientation

      • Security: Laws, Rules, and Regulation

      • Security: Personnel

      • Security: The Department

      • The Annual Security Program Report

      • Workplace Violence Issues for Security Officers

  • FCRA Red Flags (12 CFR 222.90(e)(3))

    • This training is required for most employees within the bank that work with customers and customers’ accounts.

    • Course Options (Note: New course options are coming in 2022):

      • Red Flags Identity Theft Prevention Programs

  • Customer Information Security (pursuant to Interagency Guidelines Establishing Information Security Standards)

    • This training is required for ALL employees of the bank

    • Course Options:

      • There are 25 options in the Information Security catalog. Review the course catalog for descriptions and assign appropriately.

      • For 2022, consider mixing it up and assigning some of the new, shorter courses once per quarter rather than just one overview course for the year.

What’s New

The two Cyber & Information Security Overview courses have been updated with two link corrections:

  • The link to the OCC Interagency Guidelines has been removed as the guidelines have been rescinded.

  • The link to the FS-ISAC CAPS exercise has been updated with the link location of the exercise on their site.

As of Oct. 1, 2021:

  • The following NEW courses have been added to the full catalog:

    • Compliance—Bank Regulations Catalog

      • FCRA: Affiliate Marketing

      • FCRA: Consumer Reports—UPDATED from existing course

      • FCRA: Duties of Furnishing Information

      • FCRA: Overview

      • FCRA: Protection of Medical Information

      • FCRA: Risk Based Pricing—UPDATED from existing course

    • Information Security Catalog

      • Clean Desk Policy

      • IT Security: It Begins With You

      • Social Engineering Awareness

      • Supply Chain Cybersecurity

    • Management/Leadership Catalog

      • Project Management: The Basics

      • Project Management: Getting Started

      • Project Management: Goals and Stakeholders

      • Project Risk Management

  • The following courses have been updated in the Audit catalog:

    • Auditing Assets

    • Auditing Liabilities and Other Activities

    • Auditing: The Basics

    • Bank Information System Auditing

    • Internal Auditing Working Papers

    • Regulatory Accounting and Operational Auditing

    • Understanding Fraud for Internal Auditors

  • The course Appraisal Standards, found in the Compliance—Bank Regulations catalog has been updated.

Premium Plan Subscribers: You will need to add the new courses to the catalog of your choice.

What’s Coming

We are working on an updated Fair Debt Collection Practices course as well as two new Regulatory Exam courses. They should be launching by the end of the year.

Did You Know?

Did you know you have a say in what courses go into our Online Training Catalog? We are planning the 2022 online course catalog updates and additions. If there are course topics that you would like us to consider, please send an email with your comments, ideas, and details to Mandy Snyder.