Audit Institute Information

Join Community Banker University for two weeks of intense learning designed to meet your bank’s evolving needs, the expectations of the audit committee and the examiners. Our curriculum will expand your knowledge of auditing and banking whether you are a veteran auditor or new to the audit function.

After completing this fast-paced institute, you will be ready for the challenges awaiting you as a Certified Community Bank Internal Auditor. Unique to this Institute is a pre-recorded session, digitally delivered to attendees to begin their learning prior to attending the Institute. We’ll cover all facets of internal audit by using the Internal Audit Lifecycle model. 

If you decide to enroll in the certification testing after you register for the class, please contact a Community Banker University representative at 800-422-7285.

This program is designed to provide tools and step-by-step procedures to establish and maintain an effective internal audit function within a community bank. Areas covered include: auditing basics, internal auditing working papers, auditing liabilities and other activities, auditing assets and bank information systems auditing.


May 17, 2022 | Seminar - Live

Audit Institute - Virtual

Sep 18, 2022 | Seminar - Live

Audit Institute - In Person