Earn your Audit Certification at the ICBA Audit Institute

To earn the Certified Community Bank Internal Auditor (CCBIA) certification, you will be required to attend the Audit Institute in its entirety, complete all assignments, and achieve a passing score on the certification exam(s).

Meet your bank’s evolving needs, the expectations of the audit committee, and the examiners! Our curriculum will expand your knowledge of auditing and banking whether you are a veteran auditor or new to the audit function.

The curriculum is designed to provide tools and step-by-step procedures to establish and maintain an effective internal audit function within a community bank. Areas covered include auditing basics, internal auditing working papers, auditing liabilities and other activities, auditing assets, and bank information systems auditing.

Unique to this institute is a pre-recorded session, digitally delivered to attendees to begin their learning prior to attending the institute.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the role of internal audit and the key elements of a bank’s audit program.
  • Define internal control and the methods of testing internal controls.
  • Outline what should be included in your internal audit charter.
  • Identify common fraud losses affecting banks and who commits fraud.
  • Determine how your audit function should be structured for appropriate governance over IT.
  • Learn how your organization can appropriately assess risks and understand the requirements when performing risk assessments.
  • Distinguish between the types of data analytics and tools used for effective review.
  • Understand the processes for auditing liabilities and assets.
  • And more!


May 14, 2024 | Institute - Livestream

Audit Institute

Sep 8, 2024 | Institute - Live

Audit Institute