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ICBA Education offers a variety of online course plans with courses that build knowledge and a strong foundation within key areas of the banking industry and professional development.

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Get Unlimited Bank-Wide Access

ICBA Education offers unlimited bank-wide access to more than 425 online courses to help you build a strong foundation in 14 key areas of your bank: Audit, Bank Security, Communication, Regulatory Compliance, Customer Service & Sales, Finance, Health & Safety, HSA/IRA, Human Resources, Information Security, Management & Leadership, Marketing, Personal Development, and Teller Training.

With ICBA Education online courses, you can:

  • Train all employees on a single credible platform
  • Easily assign courses and track employee progress
  • Enroll in courses that are specific to job function
  • Access courses on your desktop, tablet or smartphone
  • Listen to audio or simply read the text
  • Receive new and updated courses and content on a regular basis

About the Plans

No two banks are exactly alike and at ICBA Education we tailor training plans to meet the needs of organizations big and small. 

Minimum Subscription >1 Year1 Year3 Years

Access to more than 425 courses covering Compliance, Security, Management, Information Technology, Customer Service and Sales, Teller Training, Human Resources, Audit, HSA/IRA and Personal Development.


E-mail alerts for enrollment reminders – options for this vary by Plan type.


Enroll employees in courses by job function – options for this vary by Plan type.


Access to usage and enrollment reports


Upload your bank's policies and procedures into 60+ pre-selected courses


Track in-house classroom and outside training


Import your own custom courses


Store and use custom human resources data, such as job title or hire date, for reporting and automated course assignment


Export training course completions for import into human resource system


Yearly Price for ICBA Members

$649$1,299$6,499/yr + one time $2,500 set up fee

Yearly Price for Non-Members

$1,999$2,999$9,999/yr + one time $2,500 set up fee
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If you’re looking for more information about our online course options, please feel free to reach out.

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Cloud Delivery Plan

The Cloud Delivery Plan is for those banks that already have their own Learning Management System (LMS) in place but want access to ICBA Education’s full course catalog. So long as your LMS is able to upload SCORM compatible courses, you are good to go.

Subscriptions to the Cloud Delivery Plan provide you content updates for 365 days from the date of purchase. 

ICBA Members: $2,499 per year / plus a one-time set-up fee of $2,500 

Non-members: $3,999 per year / plus a one-time set up fee of $2,500 

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Standard Plan

The Standard Plan gives your bank access to the full catalog of over 425 online courses. The system allows for individual or group enrollment into an individual course or multiple courses at one time.

You can generate course activity reports that can be downloaded into Excel to provide to auditors and examiners. The bank may enroll an unlimited number of employees into the system for one low price.

Subscriptions purchased after July 1, 2023 run through December 31, 2024. Price is prorated based on time of purchase.

ICBA Members: $649

Non-members: $1,999

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Custom Plan

The Custom Plan provides all the courses and functionality of the Standard Plan, and also includes three new features:

  • Insert your bank’s own policies and procedures into a large number of banking related courses.
  • Track in-house training sessions and third-party training.
  • Filter online training results through a dashboard.

Subscriptions purchased after July 1, 2023 run through December 31, 2024. Price is prorated based on time of purchase. Download the courses available for policy and procedures inserts here. 

ICBA Members: $1,299

Non-members: $2,999

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Premium Plan

The Premium Plan is a complete Learning Management System. With this plan you get:

  • Access to the full catalog of courses
  • Customizable e-mail alerts for course enrollments and upcoming due dates
  • The ability to create a grouping of courses based on job title or function and enroll employees in that specific grouping
  • To register and track in-house training sessions as well as third-party training
  • Customizable reporting options with the data you want to know specific to your bank
  • The ability to assign other supervisors to help manage and review their employees training program.
  • Upload your banks policies and procedures to the ICBA Education courses
  • The opportunity to design and upload your own custom courses
  • To integrate the LMS with your Human Resource software to automate employee management (new hires, job transitions, terminations, etc.)
  • Your own banks’ branding within the Learning Management System
  • Customized onboarding and system training

If you are interested in learning more about the Premium Plan, let us know a few dates and times  in which you and your team are available for a one-hour live demonstration. 

ICBA Members: $6,499 per year* / plus a one-time set-up fee of $2,500 

Non-members: $9,999 per year* / plus a one-time set-up fee of $2,500 

* 3-year subscription required.

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