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Marketing Policy

Provides guidelines for the management of the bank's marketing function, including development of the annual marketing plan and ongoing decision making. Includes regulatory compliance, geographic limitations, and prohibited activities.
ICBA Member - $265.50
Non-Member - $295.00
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Product Knowledge and Cross-Selling

As a frontline employee, you are often called upon to open a new account. In this situation, you need an excellent understanding of your bank's products and services. You have to be able to answer questions. And, of course, you want to provide the best possible customer service. In this course, we will look at how knowledge of your bank’s products and services will help you meet customer needs and build strong customer relationships.
ICBA Member - $179.00
Non-Member - $299.00
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Social Media Toolkit and Policy

Provides guidance on how social media will be approached, proper methods for promoting the bank’s message and image, and consequences of not following guidelines. Includes Management and User Guidelines for Social Media.
ICBA Member - $472.50
Non-Member - $525.00
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