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Bank Director Video Series

The Bank Director Video Series features 7 different presentations that vary from 14-20 minutes in length. These can be used during board meetings, for annual training, new director training or topic refreshers.

Video 1

Congratulations, You Are a Community Bank Director

Being elected to a community bank board of directors is both exciting and confusing. However, first-time directors may not fully understand their duties and requirements. In this video, get an overview of the role of a community bank director and the associated duties and responsibilities.

Video 2

Effective Community Bank Corporate Governance

What does it mean to have an effective community bank board of directors? What are the characteristics of high-performing boards and the secrets that allow them success? In this video, see appropriate corporate governance, secret tips, and tactics of high-performing boards.

Video 3

The Role of the Chairman and Effective Committees

Approximately 80% of community banks in the country are in a bank holding company structure, but bank directors may not understand why. In this video, learn about the community bank holding company and why it is an appropriate corporate structure for the organization.

Video 4

Bank Director Role in Strategic Planning

An effective chair and committee structure are an essential part of appropriate corporate governance. In this video, go over the role of the chair and committees and how each should perform in order to improve corporate governance and enhance overall shareholder value.

Video 5

An Introduction to Compliance Examinations and the Bank Regulatory Process

Strategic planning is an important component of effective corporate governance. In this video, get an overview of effective community bank strategic planning including tips and secrets on best practices in this area.

Video 6

Community Bank Holding Company

It’s often said, “the banking industry is the second most highly regulated industry in the United States behind only the disposal of nuclear waste.” What is not debatable is that the bank regulatory scheme is not for the faint of heart or easy to understand. In this video, gain a practical overview of the bank regulatory process and the role of the regulator in the current financial system.

Video 7

Succession Strategies for Long-Term Success

There are many issues to consider as a community bank director if the board’s goal is one of long-term success. It is best summarized as taking seriously the obligation to ensure appropriate succession and compensation strategies to attract, retain, and develop long-term talent. In this video, take stock in the board’s role in these important strategies to ensure long-term success.

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