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Social Engineering Awareness

Online Training

This course explores what social engineering is, the types of social engineering attacks criminals use and the techniques they use to manipulate people into performing actions that either compromise their computers and devices or expose personal or sensitive information. Learn to recognize social engineering attempts and ways to avoid becoming a victim.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize phishing and spear phishing messages

  • Recall good password management techniques

  • Summarize the ways to keep computers and devices secure

  • Identify unsafe email practices

  • Outline safe web browsing practices

  • Describe approaches for working off-site securely

Course Outline:

  • Introduction

  • About Social Engineering Attacks

  • Recognizing Social Engineering Attacks

  • How to Avoid Being a Victim

Rev–Oct. 2021. Course Length ≈ 36 minutes.

This course is worth 0.5 CPE credits.

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