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Personal and Business Tax Return Analysis, Tracing the Numbers and the Forms (MP4)


Navigating tax returns has never been enjoyable. The complexity of the various forms, the flow of information, as well as the size of many borrowers' returns can be intimidating. This webinar will assist you in understanding the core information you need to accurately assess the cash income of your borrower. 

Participants start with form 1040 and work through each schedule. Along with the 1065 and 1120 forms, attendees learn what to look for and what questions to ask borrowers.

Each borrower is different, and each circumstance requires particular insights. The key is moving to a qualitative analysis which will bring up the right questions to ask that aid in building the final cash income number.

This webinar is helpful for all levels of bankers from experienced lenders to analysts just starting out.

Learning Objectives:

  • Knowledge of assessing a borrowers’ cash income.
  • Learn what to look for on borrowers’ tax forms.
  • Learn what questions you should be asking regarding borrowers’ tax forms.

Recorded July 11, 2023.

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