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IT Security: Mobile Phone Security Awareness

Online Training

This course explores the threats to security on smartphones. Smartphones are fully functional computers as well as communication devices. As such, they are subject to the same types of IT security threats as computers, as well as more specific threats. Learn to recognize threats, configure your smartphone to mitigate the risks and use your smartphone in a secure way.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the IT security threats associated with smartphone use

  • Describe methods employed by cyberthieves to compromise smartphones and corporate networks

  • Summarize the actions you can take to protect your smartphone and its contents against compromise and theft

  • Recall best practices for working securely on your smartphone

Course Outline:

  • The Security Threats

  • Methods Used by Cyberthieves

  • Protecting Your Smartphone

  • Safe Behavior

 Rev–Oct. 2021. Course Length ≈ 30 minutes.

This course is worth 0.5 CPE credits. 

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