Kyle Hershberger


Cross Financial

Every Employee Is Responsible for Customer Relationship Growth

Discover how your bank can engage the whole organization in relationship development. Identify each employee's role in nurturing successful customer relationships. Direct your culture and practices at customers to drive long-term loyalty. Every employee must take ownership of customer relationships and satisfaction, not just their daily tasks.

Effective Marketing in a World Driven by Technology and Compliance

Nearly every sales, marketing, or promotion idea in banking, is influenced by emerging technologies and regulatory compliance. This places specific demands on how advertising, promotions, and relationship development activities are deployed by community banks. Learn how community banks are optimizing their sales and marketing practices by collaborating with project partners in operations, information technology, and compliance to develop an enterprise-wide approach for creative and effective sales, marketing, and communication solutions.

About Kyle Hershberger

Kyle Hershberger is the president of Cross Financial. Kyle’s experience in banking, banking software, research, and marketing services help clients focus on desired results. Kyle’s industry expertise comes from working with financial institutions across the nation. Kyle has been at the forefront of research and planning to support financial institution sales and marketing activities.