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Americans with Disabilities Act for Banks

Online Training

The ADA applies to almost all employers. It covers employers with 15 or more employees, labor organizations, employment agencies and joint labor-management committees. It also applies to state governments.

As a result, most banks will find themselves subject to the ADA. Additionally, the ADA includes specific requirements for the construction of ATMs and areas where ATMs are located. The first part of this course will discuss how the ADA impacts hiring and employment. We will then discuss how banks can improve accessible customer service standards and the ADA requirements for ATM construction.

Learning Objectives:

  • State the purpose of the ADA
  • Define commonly used terms in the ADA
  • Explain the general principles of the ADA, including coverage
  • Ensure customer service at your bank is meeting the needs of disabled customers
  • Ensure all ATMs located at the bank and the bank’s website are ADA compliance

Course Outline:

  • Overview
  • Defining a “Qualified Person”
  • Job Qualification Standards
  • The Impact of the ADA after Hiring
  • Accessible Customer Service
  • ADA and ATMs
  • ADA and the Banks Website

Rev–Jul. 2021. Course Length ≈ 60 minutes. This course is worth 1.0 CPE credit.

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Non-Member - $299.00