Early signs point to raised awareness for community banks

Aug. 02, 2023

We’re four months into the ICBA National Campaign, and there’s so much to be excited about. Our objective to raise awareness and elevate perception of community banks is central to everything we do – and as we monitor the campaign and optimize for efficiency and performance, we want to be sure we are sharing our learnings with our members along the way.

Community Spirit Bank

The big news is how quickly word is getting around. In just several months, the campaign has seen over 205 million impressions delivered and over 33 million video completions across the country. The data also shows steady and impressive increases in engagement and cost reduction for those engagements as we progress through optimization. These insights mean the media and message are delivering awareness and consideration to the right audience, in the right places.

Just as data helped inform the campaign’s approach, we continue to analyze performance to gain insights and optimize results:

  • Video has seen a 25% improvement in cost per completed view from our initial 2022 pilot 2022 campaign.

  • Audio is performing strongly as an awareness driver.

  • Social is delivering efficient engagement costs, with Facebook driving 39% of all paid clicks.

  • Display is performing equally well across creative executions.

The national campaign is seeing strong performance across all geographies, especially in small to mid-sized markets. Markets that are showing exceptional click-thru and video Ccmpletion performance across Meta and YouTube include Austin, Laredo, Reno, and Santa Barbara. Larger markets, such as New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Minneapolis, and Chicago have driven significant reach and actions -- with over 2 million engagements to date across those markets.

Finally, it’s exciting to see the national campaign working for community banks at the local/market level. ICBA member banks have been leveraging the campaign toolkit through customizable assets and access to helpful data and insights. Thus far, ICBA members have downloaded over 3,000 assets from our National Campaign Toolkit, with the how-to guides driving the majority of the requests.

Screenshot National Campaign

We’ve also created dedicated resources for state association partners with an eye to further activations at the state level this year and moving forward.