Sept. 18-19 • Kansas City, Missouri


“Clean up” your leadership skills at the ICBA LEAD FWD Summit. The only national leadership conference for the community banking industry delivers the tools, training, and peer network to achieve your goals.

Through collaborative learning sessions and eye-opening keynote lectures, you’ll learn what it takes to overcome challenges and bring order to your leadership journey.

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Who Attends

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LEAD FWD attracts ambitious participants from across the country.

Bank professionals from all areas of the bank — operations, credit, retail, wealth management, information technology, marketing, administration, finance, and more — attend the summit to learn how to lead their careers and their banks forward into a prosperous future.

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Refine your skills, acquire the necessary tools, and network with peers to achieve your leadership goals.

Through team building, problem solving, and critical thinking exercises, LEAD FWD cuts through to the core of your leadership needs and teaches you how to overcome obstacles.

Technical Banking

Unravel the complexities of technology trends and gain insights into the critical technologies reshaping the financial services landscape.

LEAD FWD explores industry transformations to provide you with the latest information on advancements in banking technology, enabling you to find solutions that best meet your needs.


Wipe away the challenges of yesterday by strengthening the community bank industry and the vitality of Main Street America.

LEAD FWD breaks down the critical issues our industry faces, demonstrates how to amplify your voice in Washington, and drive positive change in your local community.


Tackling big messes is always better with a team.

LEAD FWD embraces a culture of learning through collaboration and peer networking. You’ll be working in a high energy, positive space as you learn and form invaluable industry connections.