Recuperate fraud losses with ICBA Payments' exclusive fraud protection tool

As a participant in ICBA Payments' Fraud Loss Protection Plan, you can mitigate your exposure to losses arising from the fraudulent use of credit or debit cards. For more than two decades, ICBA Payments has offered this card risk option as a proven and exclusive client benefit to use in the fight against:

  • Lost cards

  • Stolen cards

  • Cards not received in the mail (NRI)

  • Counterfeit (including skimmed counterfeit cards)

  • Account takeover card loss (including identity theft, phishing, pharming, and vishing)

  • e-Commerce Fraud

For the first time, ICBA Payments is offering ALL ICBA member banks access to our exclusive Fraud Loss Protection Plan (FLPP).

You do not need to have a Debit or Credit issuing relationship with ICBA Payments to enroll.

Want to learn more? Contact the Card Risk Department at [email protected] for details.

Want to learn more? Contact ICBA Payments' Risk Team at 800-242-4770 or fill out the form below.
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EMV  3-D Secure Authentication Solution from CardinalCommerce

CardinalCommerce for ICBA BancardICBA Payments has partnered with CardinalCommerce to offer a card-not-present (eCommerce) authentication solution that assists in measuring the fraud risk associated with eCommerce transactions prior to authorization.

The CardinalCommerce VCAS (Visa Consumer Authentication Service) platform delivers the intelligence community banks need to reduce fraud and false declines, while limiting cardholder friction for a better e-shopping experience. EMV 3-D Secure provides an additional layer of security for online transactions before final authorization.

ICBA Payments clients that participate in the Fraud Loss Protection Plan (FLPP), are also eligible to participate in Cardinal’s card-not-present (eCommerce) authentication solution free of charge.

For FLPP clients, this additional layer of protection is a mandatory requirement of participation and ongoing coverage in the Fraud Loss Protection Plan.

Enrolling your BINs

FLPP clients that operate their credit and debit card programs under ICBA Payments' shared-BIN(s) environment will be automatically enrolled in the CardinalCommerce Visa Consumer Authentication Service (VCAS) platform.

FLPP clients that own their credit and/or debit card BIN(s) must grant permission via the card networks for ICBA Payments to board your BIN(s) for authentication coverage.

To request copies of the Onboarding Package and other required forms to complete this process, please email [email protected] or call 800.242.4770 and ask for the Risk Department.

Clients that do not participate in FLPP can elect CNP authentication at a discounted cost.