Katie McCleary and Jennifer Edwards

Fortune 500 Leadership and Communication Coaches

Fortune 500 leadership and communication coaches and engaging keynote speakers, Jennifer Edwards and Katie McCleary, are passionate about curiosity, conversations, culture, and collaboration.

They are the authors of BRIDGE THE GAP: Breakthrough Communication Tools to Transform Work Relationships from Challenging to Collaborative, which shows everyday professionals how to use the social psychology of human connection and behavior to drive meaningful communication and collaboration at work by operationalizing curiosity. Bridge the Gap is a thoroughly researched book, featuring credible data and best practices from 59 thought leaders and professionals.

Edwards and McCleary know the power of collaboration between diverse, talented, and smart people. They embrace their own dichotomies: Conservative/Liberal; Country/Rock-n-Roll; Christian/Buddhist; Executive/Creative; Wealth/Upper Middle Class, Jennifer and Katie have succeeded in helping thousands find the sweet spot in their relationships by transforming how they think, communicate, and behave across the divide. Their work has appeared in Fast Company, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Inc., Apple News, PBS, NPR, New York Post, Shondaland, ComputerWorld, and more.