Connor Emeny

Endurance Athlete and Ironman

Connor Emeny is an endurance athlete and optimist living out the mantra; Dare to Dream.

On Feb. 21, 2024, the Canadian athlete conquered Antarctica, becoming the first person in the world to complete an Iron-distance triathlon on all seven continents.

Already the youngest person to complete an Ironman triathlon on six continents, Connor’s odyssey began not as a quest for personal glory, but as a testament to the boundless potential within every individual.

From South Africa to Spain, Tennessee to New Zealand, Connor has written his own page in the history books, standing at the forefront of human achievement as a beacon of tenacity, leadership, and unwavering determination. Through his remarkable feats, he seeks to inspire others to unlock their innate abilities and embrace the extraordinary within themselves. His message resonates with audiences worldwide, urging them to cultivate a mindset of resilience in both their personal and professional lives.

Central to Connor’s philosophy is the belief in the transformative power of teamwork. He understands that true greatness is not achieved in isolation, rather through collaboration and support. As a speaker in the realm of motivation and empowerment, Connor imparts invaluable lessons drawn from his journey, illustrating the profound impact of camaraderie and shared purpose in overcoming seemingly insurmountable challenges.

In a vast landscape of bold, inspiring speakers, Connor Emeny stands apart as a trailblazer, possessing the unique distinction of being the first to accomplish what many deemed impossible. His story serves as a tale of hope, reminding us all that with the right mindset and the right team surrounding us, we can transcend our limitations and unleash our own superpowers to achieve greatness.