In their Own Words Community Banking Videos

In Their Own Words

Community banks offer small business owners much more than loans and deposit services. Watch these videos to find out why

Share Your Story

Relationships are at the core of what c ommunity banks do. Small business owners Larry and Shawonne say, “Having a strong connection with M&FBank was a breath of fresh air.” Find your breath of fresh air with a community bank.

Pride in the Profession

Community bankers help make their customers’ dreams come true. This is one of the many reasons why we celebrate their heroic efforts during Community Banking Month​.

Thank you, community bankers, for your continued commitment to help customers and communities flourish!

Community Banking Customers Share Their PPP Stories: Part 1

Hear from community bankers and their customers about why relationship banking matters and how community banks are uniquely positioned to serve their customers and communities.

Community Banking Customers Share Their PPP Stories: Part 2

Hear from community banking customers and the community bankers who stepped up to support them with PPP loans during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tameka Montgomery

Strategic consultant and former Small Business Administration official Tameka Montgomery tells us why she sees community bankers as business advisors.

Doug Fabbioli

Winemaker Doug Fabbioli and his community banker Alice Frazier of Bank of Charles Town know that sustaining rural economies means going the extra mile for hospitality-based businesses during challenging times.

Mollie Creason

Jonathan Montgomery

Helen Hall

A serial entrepreneur in Charleston, S.C., explains why her community bank provided invaluable support when COVID-19 hit.

Stephanie Moss