Prevention and risk mitigation are key components in every aspect of bank operations - the same holds true in the protection of customer data.

Vulnerabilities & Mitigation

Cybersecurity and data security vulnerabilities come in many forms. Use these resources to know what you are dealing with and how to stay one step ahead.

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Cybersecurity and Technology News

Op-ed: Crypto response must protect banking system stability

Nov 22, 2022 | NewsWatch Today
The collapse of the FTX cryptocurrency exchange is a predictable example of the serious risks that digital assets pose, and policymakers should ensure new policies directed at the sector fully reflect its risks, ICBA President and CEO Rebeca Romero Rainey wrote in a new op-ed.

Regulators investigating FTX crypto exchange amid liquidity crisis: report

Nov 10, 2022 | NewsWatch Today
Federal regulators are reportedly investigating cryptocurrency exchange FTX amid concerns of a liquidity crisis at the company and fallout on the rest of the crypto sector.

More terrorist attacks linked to digital assets: UN

Nov 1, 2022 | NewsWatch Today
Up to 20% of terrorist attacks are financed by crypto-assets or otherwise linked to digital assets, a United Nations official told Bloomberg. The UN’s Svetlana Martynova said officials are detecting more cases of crypto use in terror-financing as they step up their scrutiny of such practices.

Blog: ICBA's reimagined ThinkTECH Accelerator to support year-round programming

Oct 28, 2022 | NewsWatch Today
The decision to bring the highly successful ThinkTECH Accelerator program in-house and introduce year-round programming was the natural progression in ICBA’s efforts to cultivate successful community bank-fintech partnerships that address today’s market challenges and opportunities, writes Charles Potts in a new blog post.

Using multifactor authentication to combat cyberattacks: blog

Oct 24, 2022 | NewsWatch Today
Community banks can fortify their defenses against hackers and help keep their sensitive data safe by integrating strong multifactor authentication protocols, ICBA’s Joel Williquette writes in a new blog post.

Hsu: Agencies targeting crypto risks, interconnectedness

Oct 12, 2022 | NewsWatch Today
Acting Comptroller of the Currency Michael Hsu warned of risks posed by crypto-assets and laid out some of his priorities for bringing them within the regulatory perimeter.