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Housing and Mortgage Finance

Letters to Congress

Title Recipient Date
Reps. Madeleine Dean and Kelly Armstrong 06/11/21
116th Congress 03/26/20
Congress 03/09/20

Letters to Regulators

Title Recipient Date
CFPB 01/20/23
Department of Veterans Affairs 01/18/23
Federal Housing Administration 12/19/22
FHA 12/06/22
CFPB 11/29/22

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Related News

FHFA proposes GSE capital disclosures

Oct. 28, 2021

The Federal Housing Finance Agency proposed additional public disclosure requirements for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s Enterprise Regulatory Capital Framework. 

Details: The proposed rule would implement quarterly quantitative and qualitative disclosure requirements for the enterprises related to regulatory capital instruments, risk-weighted assets, and risk management policies and procedures. 

Deadline: The GSEs would have to comply within six months. Comments on the proposal are due within 60 days.