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Understanding Primary vs. Non-Primary Plan Managers

ALL contacts receive:

  • Access to Automated Card Expert ("ACE") (FIS credit clients only.)
  • Bancard newsletters (Payments News & Notes and Bancard Confidential)
  • General regulatory and industry news
  • General program updates (i.e., marketing or educational opportunities)

PRIMARY Plan Managers receive announcements and action-required notices, including:

  • Contractual updates
  • Critical/timely operational updates and network notices
  • Opt-in/out product enhancement/readiness campaign bulletins

Note: There should only be one Primary Plan Manager assigned per bank

Credit Card and Debit Card Fraud Contacts

If your bank is not enrolled in ICBA Bancard's Fraud Loss Protection Plan (FLPP), you do not need to add a Fraud Contact.

Fraud Contacts receive operational and/or marketing notices only.

Assigning a Bancard Fraud Contact does not provide access to the fraud claims portal. A separate registration is required for FLPP claims portal access.

Contact [email protected] with questions on the fraud claims portal.


Make changes to your ICBA Bancard contacts at ICBA.org

Existing employees can make changes to their individual profile at ICBA.org, including updates to their job function, title, or email address. Full instructions are available in the Organization Profile Guide: ICBA Bancard Plan Manager Update.