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Last update: 10/20/14

Federal Reserve Financial Services

The Federal Reserve Banks provide financial services to depository institutions including banks, credit unions, and savings and loans, much like the services banks provide for their customers. These services include collecting checks, electronically transferring funds, and distributing and receiving cash and coin.


  • ICBA supports the Federal Reserve System in its dual role as payment systems regulator and provider of services. ICBA welcomes the new areas of strategic focus for Federal Reserve Financial Services that include collaborating with the entire payments supply chain (to include innovators and end-users) to shape the end-user payment experience. ICBA will actively inject the community bank perspective in these and related areas of focus.
  • ICBA encourages the Federal Reserve to vigorously use its new authority to identify and regulate systemically important payment, clearing and settlement systems.
  • ICBA encourages the Federal Reserve and private-sector rulemaking and standards-setting bodies to uniformly enforce rules and timely refine rules to address new products and technologies, operational enhancements and other issues as they arise.


Access—Community banks’ payment systems access must not be limited by anti-competitive and discriminatory pricing or policies, membership requirements, standards, operating rules or technological barriers. The concentration of market power should not be used to force changes that would materially and adversely impact the competitive nature of our nation’s payments system.

Federal Reserve System—The ongoing dual payments role as a regulator and a provider of services allows the Federal Reserve to maintain efficient accessible, reliable and safe payment systems for all financial services stakeholders. The new strategic focus for the Federal Reserve’s Financial Services bodes well for all participants as the industry strives to meet the payments needs of consumers and businesses in a dynamic and innovative payments environment fueled by the emergence of smart-phones, tablets and other mobile devices. This strategy moves the Federal Reserve’s focus from the interbank payments market to the entire payments supply chain. The Federal Reserve’s 10-year vision has three key principles: moving transactions faster from origination to settlement; creating a more efficient industry; and supporting an array of payment instruments that satisfy consumer preferences.

Date Title Source/Publication
12/01/2013 ICBA Comments on the Federal Reserve Banks’ Payment System Improvement – Public Consultation Paper Letter to Regulators
05/03/2013 Federal Reserve Board Proposal to Amend Reg HH Letter to Regulators
FedFocus—News From the Federal Reserve Banks
Federal Reserve Bank Services Homepage

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